Visiting Artist

Images from left to right: Easy Repair: Homemade, an insight around the craft of use from the Local Wisdom project. Photo by Sean Michael. Kate Fletcher, photo by Stefan Rother.
Kate Fletcher, Reader in Sustainable Fashion at London College of Fashion, will be joining the Craft Forward symposium as a visiting artist on Saturday, April 2. Fletcher will be working on site on her on-going fashion research project, Local Wisdom, which explores the “craft” involved with garment use.
Local Wisdom records skillful, cultivated, and ingenious practices associated with tending and wearing clothes as a way to improve the quality of our engagement with fashion, while reducing the quantity of materials consumed.
All symposium attendees are warmly invited to participate in the Local Wisdom project, share the story of their clothing-use practices, and have their photograph taken wearing their piece.
The project team is looking for garments that fit into one (or more) of the following categories:
-Garments that are shared between people
-Garments enjoying a third, fourth, or fifth life
-Garments that are perfect for you
-Garments that are worn the same way in different situations
-Garments or elements of garments that make for easy repair
-Garments that catch your attention each time you wear them
-Garments that show or tell the story of how they have been used
-Garments worn in ways that reinforce or defy the producer’s values
-Garments that are worn regularly and have never been washed (and aren’t leather!)
-Garments that are made up of interchangeable pieces that can be worn in different ways
-Garments that connect us to others and/or remind us of our potential
-Garments worn in response to changing economic and environmental concerns
-Garments that are adapted over and again in order to meet changing needs
For more information, please visit the Local Wisdom website or email:
Kate Fletcher is a designer-researcher, consultant, writer, and global leader in fashion and sustainability. Her work has been at the forefront of sustainability ideas and research practice in fashion for the last 15 years. Fletcher contributes to the fashion and sustainability agenda through her work in enterprise, education, policy, and research.
Fletcher earned her PhD from Chelsea College of Art and Design in 1999 and is now Reader in Sustainable Fashion at London College of Fashion, where her latest project explores the “craft” of use. She has over 50 publications in the field, is author of Sustainable Fashion and Textiles: Design Journeys (Earthscan, 2008), and coauthor of Fashion and Sustainability: Design for Change (forthcoming from Laurence King Publishing Co., United Kingdom, with CCA Fashion Design assistant professor Lynda Grose).
Learn more about Kate Fletcher’s work by visiting the artist’s website.