Studios Tour

Images from left to right: Historic Oakland campus, Macky Lawn. Print Studio, photo by Nance O’Banion.
The historic Oakland campus of California College of the Arts is home to many of the undergraduate programs in fine arts. CCA’s impressive facilities include:
-Ceramic kilns and glaze lab
-Glass-blowing, cold-working, and glass-casting facilities
-Metal welding and wood shops
-Letterpress and silk screen studios
-Metal foundry
-Dye lab and print studio
-Weaving studio, featuring a digital Jacquard loom
Craft Forward participants are invited to explore the rich resources of the college and engage with current students, faculty, and studio managers during an hour-long guided tour.
The following studios on the Oakland campus will open their doors to symposium attendees from 4 to 5 p.m. on Friday, April 1:
-Barclay Simpson Sculpture Studio — Sculpture and Glass programs
-Blattner Print Studio — Printmaking Program
-L Building — Textiles Program
-Shaklee Building — Jewelry / Metal Arts, Sculpture, and Glass programs
-Treadwell Hall — Ceramics Program
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