The organization of the Craft Forward symposium at California College of the Arts has been a collaborative effort among staff and faculty across many divisions and programs. Special thanks are extended to Provost Mark Breitenberg and the graduate program chairs at CCA for their initiation and support of symposium. The following persons have been instrumental in envisioning and organizing Craft Forward:
Board of Trustees
Susan Cummins, Trustee
Ann Morhauser, Trustee
Stephen Beal, President
Academic Affairs
Mark Breitenberg, Provost
Melanie Corn, Associate Provost
David Meckel, Director of Research and Planning
Rueben Kuszel, Assistant to the Provost
Graduate Chairs
Chris Falliers, Assistant Professor, Architecture
Brenda Laurel, Professor, Graduate Program in Design
Joseph Lease, Associate Professor, Writing and Literature / MFA Program in Writing
Leigh Markopolous, Associate Professor, Graduate Program in Curatorial Practice
Maria Porges, Assistant Professor, Sculpture / Graduate Program in Visual and Critical Studies
Ted Purves, Assistant Professor, Graduate Program in Fine Arts
Nathan Shedroff, Adjunct Professor, MBA in Design Strategy
Chris Bliss, Vice President for Communications
Jim Norrena, Web Editor & Content Manager
Sarah Owens, Communications Assistant
Clay Walsh, Senior Marketing Manager
Lindsey Westbrook, Managing Editor
Susan Avila, Senior Vice President for Advancement
Kathy Butler, Associate Vice President for Advancement
Deborah Feldman, Chief Facilities Officer
Noah Bartlett, Director of Facilities and Operations
Educational Technology Services
Rebekah Eisenberg, Media Services Manager