CCA Craft Leaders

Craft is challenging to define. Rather than fixing definitions on materials, modes of production, or histories that are at times shifting and at other times calcifying, craft could perhaps be best defined of as an identity and a way of thinking.
The craft leaders represented here are California College of the Arts faculty from the Ceramics, Furniture, Glass, Jewelry / Metal Arts, Printmaking, Sculpture, and Textiles programs who identify with craft, and who have taken on leadership roles in the definition and redefinition of craft within the CCA community.
Curtis Arima (Jewelry / Metal Arts Program)
Russell Baldon (Furniture Program)
Lia Cook (Textiles Program)
Richard Elliott (Textiles Program)
Donald Fortescue (Furniture Program)
Arthur Gonzalez (Ceramics Program)
Nathan Lynch (Ceramics Program)
Nance O’Banion (Printmaking Program)
Maria Porges (Sculpture Program)
Clifford Rainey (Glass Program)
Marilyn da Silva (Jewelry / Metal Arts Program)
Allison Smith (Sculpture Program)
Deborah Valoma (Textiles Program)